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Bone scan day

Today was the easiest appoiintment ever!  I'll have to remember next time that if we make the appointment early, the boys could still get a good chunk of school in.  We made it to the Fletcher Allen just at 11:00.  A couple of minutes wait, 2 easy forms to fill out and then they came for Casey.  Gene and I went in with him.  It was the same tech as last year and she remembered us (we are pretty memorable :)  )  Casey was perfect!  Of course he's hard to position on the table since his knees won't go straight but it seemed like it went well.  He was surprised that it was over so quickly. 

Then it was Colin's turn so Lauren and I went in with him.  He was laughing and carrying on the whole time.  He was excited when I told him that we'd go to the gift shop afterwards.  He kept saying "gift shop."  It wasn't very intelligible but he was proud of himself! 

The boys picked out some Halloween glasses that were supposed to light up and make noises.  Come to find out, when we got home, that they didn't work.  They even came with a second set of batteries but Julia couldn't get them to work so Gene said he'd take a look.  BIUT he hasn't yet. 

While we were in the gift shop Kathy appeared!  She said she thought she had heard Casey about 45 minutes earlier but thought she was dreaming.  But, she probably did as that's just about when we were walking through to the elevator.  She saw Gene going out to the van and then she figured it out!

Julia was there when we got home.  Gene took off for work. 

Casey watched some football and other shows in the yellow room.  Lauren and Colin played some Play Station. 

Julia took Casey out to get the mail all by herself!  She was very proud!  Colin was happy because they came back in with the Treasure Planet PS game that I won for 99 cents (and $3 shipping) off of Ebay.  Colin asks me about a hundred times a day for the Scooby Doo one that I won.  The bidding just ended on Saturday and he thinks it's going to arrive here like yesterday!

That's about it.  Oh, Janet stopped by with some fall magazines she thought we'd like to look through and find some recipes and crafts and stuff.  She's going to stop by again for a real visit soon.

Gene lit a small, stinky fire in the wood stove.  It took the chill off, but the first fire of the season is always stinky!  He doesn't want to turn the heat on yet because he needs to do something with the furnace filters and we need to clean the intakes.

Anyway, it was a good day. 

Daniel is coming in 2 days!


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