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This was the easiest mammogram appointment I ever had!  (which will probably mean that I have to go back for follow up like I did last time :(  )
Anyway, I was in and out and on the road BEFORE my appointment was actually scheduled!  How's that for efficiency?  I guess I was there at a lull because on my way out the waiting room was full.   Oh, and there were wet flurries flying around on my way home.  UGH!

Nancy L wasn't here today so Colin was in charge of Gene, Aunt Ju and Priscilla.  I guess he whined and fussed and used every trick in the book to get Julia to fix him or get his air out--anything so he didn't have to work!  He ended up doing better the second half of the day. 

Julia spent a lot of time taking down the Halloween things, removing batteries, and putting things in totes.  That's a good job done!  Now I just have to get Gene to put them in the attic.  Maybe it would be easier to keep them out until next year??

Casey got to go to Costco today to pick up some supplies for the Harvest Dinner on Wednesday.  I think he liked it.  They ended up with a flatbed full of stuff!

He seemed pretty tired when he got home.  He rested in bed and fell asleep for about a minute. 

Colin waited ALL day to see the new movie Aunt Chris got him for Halloween.  It is the Scooby Doo Camp Scare.  He watched it two times in a row and would have watched it a third time if we had let him.  We watched Scared Shrekless, which I had DVR'd and that satisfied him. 

Casey had a shower and fiddled with his DynaVox for the rest of the evening. 

We're reading a really good Goosebumps right now.  Casey really enjoys it but is so tired we only get to read a couple of chapters at the most. 


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