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St. Mike's Holiday Party

I think this was the 6th or 7th year we've been to the alumni party at St. Michael's.  I wonder if the boys will ever be too old to go?  I think Casey was probably one of the oldest kids there and the oldest to get his picture taken with Santa :)   Casey was 'tolerable' of everything.  He's not into the crafts so he likes to wander and snoop around.  At one point, Colin and I went looking for Nancy and Casey and we found them in the first place we looked--the gift shop!  It's a really nice store--I could have bought a bunch of stuff.  I should have bought one of the St. Mike's ornaments but since it was a glass ball, I figured the cats would destroy it.  

Santa remembered us, of course.  He's such a cool guy and is very gentle and I'm sure he would have loved to spend more time with the boys talking with them.  Each Santa visitor got a little white Santa bear and a candy cane. 

We took a few pictures at 'the' tree.  See above.  I didn't get good ones from my Panasonic because I was rushing and didn't get to change modes/flash...so they came out funny.  Glad I had the Canon that Peggy gave me as the pics come out so clean and crisp and the colors are great! 


I feel so behind on all things Christmas this year.  Usually I have most of my cards written out, photo calendars almost completed and ready to send to Kodak.  Usually I have all our gifts sorted out and written down, etc.  Not this year!  We did follow tradition and Gene got a tree after the party and we put it up.  No lights or decoration yet, but that will come. 

Annual cookie exchange coming up next weekend, as well as the Christmas Extravaganza at Essex Alliance.  Colin is supposed to go to school on Thursday.  Casey is going to a holiday party in Richmond with the high school crew...My mind is fuddled so that's all for now!



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