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Happy Anniversary to Us!

Turns out that my husband of 20 years still has some romance in him.  This morning he surprised me with a Past, Present and Future ring.  I totally wasn't expecting anything, and certainly not anything that frivilous.  You'd expect him to surprise me with some of the hard to find bags for our old vacuum or some new doo-dad for the kitchen, or maybe a plant or some chocolate, but not usually a ring!  But, really, that's not fair.  Over the years he has picked out several rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings for me and they've all been to my liking.  I guess since we had kids there has been less jewelry :-)    Anyway, it's very pretty, although it needs to be resized a bit bigger.  I can't believe how much larger (fatter)  my fingers have become since we got married!  It's tough getting old!  Speaking of, my progressive glasses are in and I can't wait to get them!  Note to self--make an appointment ASAP.

Excited to see the Sacripantes tomorrow!  Plan is to meet them at Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center a bit before 10:00.  Justin will be able to go, too, since his conference doesn't start until 2:00.  We'll see how the day goes and decide what to do after that.  So many possibilites!  We have a bunch of ideas kicking around and all of them are fun, so bring it on!

Better go to bed so I can get my energy up for tomorrow!

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