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November so far

The most exciting things so far this month has to do with Colin.   We got his new DynaVox  VMax+ and Eyegaze up and running.  We also got an arm for his chair and a standing mount for other positions.  We were successful, Aunt Ju was, in putting together the floor stand but not the arm yet.  Yesterday he used the Eyemax from his bed, laying down and we got it calibrated and working!   The stand is a lot nicer than Casey's as it has two swivels so that you can tweak positions easier.  He was quite proud of himself!

This morning we had Colin up in his stander at about 60 degrees, which is the highest he's been and tolerated!  He used his neck collar and that really helped keep him feeling secure. We'll probably have to have Deb adjust the arm pits on his new belly brace as it was digging into him a bit when he was so high up.  Oh, and we measured his length and he's just about 50 inches, give or take a bit!

Ah, we got the boys' Dell laptop fixed on Thursday!   Gene had spent a long time chatting on line and then on the phone with Dell trying to figure out all the calls we'd had on the machine so we could bring it to a local place and have them look at it.  We've had 12 service calls on this machine!  Come to find out there was an extended warranty on the Nevidia (or how ever it's spelled/called) video card which is attached to the mother board.  Anyway, they sent our tech buddy from Slovania here.  He replaced the part and did his thing.  He also showed Gene the fan which was jammed up with DUST!  Gene blew it out with some canned air.  Boy, is this machine quieter now, AND it's running like a demon-I love it!

Wednesday, the 3rd, was the Harvest Dinner to benefit the 8th Grader's field trip to Boston this spring.  I was in a stinky, crappy mood and didn't feel like seeing people so Colin and I stayed home.  Colin was just as happy staying home and watching TV!  Casey had had a bad day at school-lots of yelling and disrupting--but he went anyway (he didn't want to go but I insisted!).  Julia brought G'ma and G'pa O'Neill up and they all went over to the middle school in the van.  Nancy H went, too.  

I guess it was pretty good, although Casey was loud.  He said he didn't  like the loud music but that's still no excuse for yelling!  The soup was a hit (I probably would have tried it although I'm not a fan of butternut squash).  They also had salad, corn bread, rolls, cider, and lots of desserts.  Grandma made an apple pie and I sent frosted brownies.  They were back all too soon.  Colin and I were enjoying the peace and quiet! 

Still worried about Mary although things might be a tad better.  She's responding a bit and still getting meds and tests and that kind of stuff.  Here is Mary's Blog. 




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