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For some weird reason, I was motivated to make 3 things today.  Gene planned on making deviled eggs, but the shells didn't come off nicely so I kindly offered to make egg salad.  Yum.  Some mayo, salt, paprika and celery.  Then, since I had the celery out, I decided to make ants on a log for Gene.  I prefer my logs without ants, so I made a couple of those, too.  This afternoon I finally had the umph to make Frost on the Pumpkin.  If you go to this blogs tags you can find the recipe.  It's pretty straightforward to make but it takes a long time to bake and cool.  STILL waiting for it to cool enough to flip it and put the frosting on!

It was very nice to have the extra hour of sleep back.  We all felt a little off today but I'm sure we'll get used to it in time.

Once again Casey was a perfect sleeper and Colin was a fusser.  Moxie tolerated my getting up and down a hundred times and snuggled for most of the night.

Colin had a shower with Dada.  I removed his Frankenstein black nail polish and he insisted I put blue on.  Yes, he's an odd duck! 

Here's a funny.  On Friday, Colin was giving Priscilla a hard time and was not paying attention and kept asking for bipap when he didn't need it and carrying on.  She told him that he had to finish his work and that if he kept being distracted she'd take off the nail polish on one of his nails.  Well, he still fussed and asked for bipap so she used remover on one pinky.  After that--he was perfect!  Ha ha!

Nancy was here for the day.  Casey had his tubby and had a trach change. 

Then the three of them spent the rest of the afternoon playing computer--Toy Story 3 and Shrek the 3rd. 

Gene worked on the windows adding foam and doing some stuff with insulation and that kind of stuff.


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