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We get a call this morning saying that our guy could come this morning.  Yay!  He made it here around 10:30 and he and Gene worked until almost 4:00.  We have the kitchen window in and the one in the hallway and the two in the yellow room.  The yellow room ones took quite a bit of time since they had to frame in the bottoms because we're making the windows smaller.  It will be so nice to have 2 double hung windows that we can open instead of the huge monstrosity of non-opening window that was there before. 

Of course Gene still has a lot of work to do on the inside like foaming and doing some sheet rock and then the trim.  We'll see.  I hope it doesn't take as long as the living room windows!

The boys and I spent the day lounging around in the wish room watching movies.  No fussing from either one!  I had Casey ready for the day by the time Nancy got here at 2:00.  Colin was next. 

The boys and Nancy had a good time playing on the Dell and playing REAL computer games instead of Poptropica and other on-line games. 

Beds changed, things picked up, kitchen cleaned, and I tried to keep up with the window mess....it's not too bad but things are out of place and it makes me wonky!

Funny of the day....See picture below:

This is what was behind the microwave cart.  Nugget.  Need not say more!


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Nov. 15th, 2010 02:30 am (UTC)
The cat!!
Did the cat really drag the yankaur down under the micro-cart?? That is too funny! All those treasures...taking after dada?? LOL!
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